Christmas Breakfast (one shot)


TITLE: Christmas breakfast

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: One-shot. Sequel to Hot Chocolate and Warmth

AUTHOR: Miko /


GENRE: Fluff/ Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Loki has a very special ‘dish’ on Christmas morning. Smut ensues. 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Any form of feedback is greatly appreciated! 

Without noticing, she drifted away, her mind wandering to past moments spent with her king and slowly they turned into confusing dreams. He was brutal and sweet, dominant and careful at the same time. He was everything he’s always been and all she even wanted him to be. Soon her mind could barely keep up with the images running around, torturing her with bodiless pain and mindless pleasure.


Her breathing got heavier and heavier. It felt as if something was pressing down her chest and she tried pushing it away as her mind kept repeating words in his voice, although she couldn’t understand them.


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Omfg awesome story